Current “you should make that” list

This is a list of possible things to make to fill holes in my wardrobe (the knitting stuff is here rather than on Ravelry because I’m trying to organize by generic items and then find possible patterns, rather than find patterns I like and then decide what I can do with them; and the sewing stuff is here, because, well, where else would it go?). It doesn’t include stuff I’m making for others, or stuff I started making before trying to think systematically about what I want in my wardrobe.

Knitting (maybe sort of in this order)

  • Winter hat – done! (December 26th-ish, 2015)
    • Needs to be done by Christmas for cold-weather travel okay, so we didn’t take the cold-weather travel after all, but it’s been chilly enough here that I’ve worn it on walks, so it’s all good.
    • I want to make (have cast on for) the Rikke hat, in part because it’s in DK and I have a lone orphan skein of DK, and in part because I love that pattern. But after I cast on I realized it’s the same yarn I used to make my husband a winter hat. And it’s neon pink with navy speckles, so if we had matching hats, that would be very conspicuous. ended up frogging the neon pink and navy – I love love love this yarn, but it’s not flattering next to my face. 
    • Alternative: something out of the Rios left over from the baby blanket? Cons: warm gray-shading-to-beige isn’t the best color on me; no idea what pattern to do. Pros: wouldn’t match husband; would go better with my winter coats; would knit up quickly; skeins already wound. Must look for a pattern. started Bonne Marie Burns’ Super Cupcake in the Rios, and it was lovely, but decided I wanted to make something else out of the yarn’
    • Ended up making a colorblocked Rikke with two random skeins of Knit Picks Capra yarn. Should blog this at some point.
  • Some kind of sweater out of solstice etoile silken camel (from Dublin Bay Knitting Co.).
    • Leaning very heavily toward Trace, but would just do the whole sweater in the one yarn (not sure highlighting the seams in a different texture would do much beyond make me look square). Not positive I’d have enough yarn.
  • Gray pullover sweater – preferably big/cozy/drapey.
    • Pasture? (probably without the stripes, just using the vertical orientation of the yoke as contrast to the horizontal orientation of the body.)
    • Cormac? (more versatile in this climate with all the built-in ventilation – I would do with more ease rather than less)
    • Juniper? (would probably be useful for this climate with the elbow length sleeves)
    • Natsumi? (I didn’t love it as styled in the pattern photos, but seeing other finished projects has made me realize this could be like a wonderfully polished sweatshirt, and the side-to-side construction is intriguing. A great pattern for solid yarn as the cable adds some interest without getting busy/crazy/bulky)
    • Anneke? (this is one of my favorite sweater silhouettes and I have no idea why more people haven’t knit this. Except that I haven’t yet because it’s kind of a lot of yarn and everything I have in this amount is too variegated to work. It would be great in a nice charcoal)
    • December 2015: Have cast on a sort of-gray sweater in this sort of category, but still think I want one of the above.
  • Slippers
    • Something with a leather/rubber sole, because our floors are too smooth to walk around in what are essentially socks (like these?)
    • Ideally a pattern that would use up my KnitPicks giveaway yarn – either bulky or DK
    • Would quite like to try color work for these?
  • Joji Magnolia cardigan out of Bumblebirch yarn (but shorter), or maybe Round Cove by Amy Herzog.
  • Probably a white cardigan before next summer. Cotton. No idea beyond that.
  • Black pullover sweater – light/fitted enough to go under a suit jacket?
    • Kind of want to try to design one based on a couple of things I already own, in particular a side-to-side dolman sweater.
    • May try this in my purple KnitPicks lace?

Sewing (probably not in this order)

  • Bathrobe in some kind of knit – for colder weather – maybe in that Lizzy House Cattitude print?
  • Shells for under suits
    • Sorbetto with gathers out of JCrew fabric (underline with grey viscose if I have enough?)
    • Sailor Top – love the pattern, made a size too small, sadness
      • white rayon challis – ordered 12/08/15
      • Japanese double gauze? (fabricworm has lots)
      • maybe try pleats rather than gathers for one of these?
    • Sailor tee out of the JCrew fabric?
  • Tunic Phoebe dress with the Kaufman chambray!!
    • I am so excited about this pattern, I can’t even tell you (ordered 12/08/15). If I can fit it properly and it works, I will make multiples in gorgeous work-appropriate fabrics like suiting and gabardine and crepe and I would be happy forever.
    • I will do a muslin and work to get this to fit
  • Finish my Ginger skirt as wearable muslin, then figure out a good black fabric for a dressier one?
  • Charlotte skirt
    • again, CREATE A MUSLIN
    • if works, find a decent fabric! (nice stretch dark denim?)
  • Knit tops!
  • Project recreate Target dress
    • Trace pattern
    • Buy ponte
  • Altering what I own already
    • Hem yellow knit shell
    • Hem b/w dot shell
    • Hem cream knot shell
    • Try letting out Tahari suit skirt and/or b/w giraffe print skirt?
    • Try taking in ATFS brown pencil skirt?
    • Buy Craftsy class on tailoring ready to wear?

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