I grew up in the deep dark woods, moved away after college, and now after *mumble*twenty-five years*mumble* am finally returning home. This internet space is where I can post pictures and musings, mostly about cats and crafts. I have been knitting for a number of years but am excited to be back in a part of the world that has proper winter, where wearing wool makes sense. I am also trying to teach myself how to sew, although that has been going more slowly than learning to knit (mostly because I can’t simply undo everything and start over when I screw something up sewing). A running list of things that I want to make next can be found in the link above.

I share my little home in the deep dark woods with a lovely husband and three cats (two shorthair brothers who adore each other and a Norwegian forest cat whom we found in the desert southwest). I’m on Ravelry, Twitter, and Instagram as simplyannadee. I would love to connect with you somehow!

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