I don’t think you have to like cats to like knitting, or vice versa. But a lot of knitters out there seem to have cats.

And if you are a knitter with cats, the following pictures, taken while I tried to photograph my Mountain High sweater, may be familiar to you.


These guys are an absolute MENACE to my knitting. In particular, the gray boy is obsessed with everything yarn: he pulls knitting out of my work basket, he tries to drag handknit sweaters out of my laundry basket (…through the holes in the sides), and one of the first things he did after we brought them home was find some bright pink Cephalopod Yarns yarn and start to eat it, chomping away with strings hanging out of his mouth like pasta.

img_2733It’s a good thing they’re cute.

One thought on “Outtakes

  1. Naughty!! My Woody is obsessed with knitted items too — to knead and sleep on. When we put on a blanket to read or watch a movie, he RUNS to come knead and sit on us and the blanket. If I open my sweater drawer he RUNS, jumps in the drawer to knead, purr, and curl up. He’s also a fiber snob. He prefers the pure wool blanket over the super wash wool blanket, and when he is in my drawer he makes a beeline to the cashmere! Good thing they’re cute indeed 🙂

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