Christmas two days early

The great excitement around here is that I bit the bullet and got myself a REAL camera for Christmas. I have really enjoyed using my iPhone, but I wanted to be able to play around with things like aperture and shutter speed (once I get a firmer grasp on what exactly they are and how they work). I also really want to be able to take nighttime photos (or at least lower-light photos). From what I could gather, the compact point-and-shoots don’t really offer much beyond what you get with phone cameras now, except maybe a real zoom lens.

So welcome to my new mirrorless photo-taking gizmo (excuse the ridiculous mess in the background):IMG_2131

I feel I should name her. Suggestions?

Of course, I have a LOT to learn about how to use it. But I’m excited to learn.

In the meantime, have an inaugural cat picture:IMG_2128.JPG


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