Trip to Portland: I came, I saw, I bought all the things 

Portland started out with exhaustion, mostly because I’m incapable of packing before the very last minute. And then I had to spend much of the first evening and first full day finishing a work project, because the time-management-skills fairy passed over my crib when I was a baby.

BUT. Besides that.

It was a great vacation. The city was beautiful, and there were trees! And the leaves were changing colors! And falling! And you could smell the fallen leaves as you walked along the sidewalk! And the weather was great – in the 60s, cloudy in the mornings but sunny in the afternoons, no rain – wonderful for tramping around the city. I loved it.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures, but here are a few:

I like old courthouses.

We had a delicious breakfast under this chandelier, in an old building that was otherwise more shabby chic than fancy.

No significance here, I just liked this mural.

This is the old armory, which won an award for historic restoration sometime in the 1960s. I really liked the way the sun bounced off the cut stone.

I didn’t get a lot of scenic pictures because I spent more time browsing downtown shops that going to any of the parks/gardens/purposefully scenic places. And I am only willing to be so conspicuous taking pictures in such places. Which is also to say that craft-wise, it was a productive, dangerous (for my bank account) trip. I’ll write more about that later.

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