I used to feel sort of strongly about finishing a project before starting a new one.

But somewhere along the line I lost that discipline.

And now…oh dear. I have way too many different things on the needles.

The funny thing is that there’s an arbitrary dividing line in my head between “recent enough projects that I should feel bad for not working on them,” and “old enough projects that (for no particularly good reason) I don’t count them as works in progress any more.” When projects cross that imaginary line and fall into the abyss of “really old projects,” for some reason they no longer count against my total, so casting on something new is entirely justified, right?

Going back in reverse chronological order, here’s what I currently have going:

The Harvest Moon Blanket (which is getting frogged, but will get restarted when the new yarn arrives, so I think counts as a current project)IMG_0075

Frost at Midnight



Worsted Boxy

Gray Goose CardiIMG_0196


(For the record: the photo-bombing cat is Harvey. He loves to sleep on that table, which is conveniently placed for me to get natural light so is a good place for me to take pictures, although it’s definitely seen better days… let’s just say it has a patina, shall we? His tail is like that naturally – he’s a Japanese Bobtail. Here’s a better picture:)

I would say that the arbitrary, imaginary dividing line between projects that count as WIPs and projects that don’t falls right around the Relax. Adrift and the Worsted Boxy are both patterns I cast on sort of as placeholders while I was between other projects, to be dropped when something better came along. I never had a clear goal for when I’d finish them. I like both yarns but don’t love them, so was easily lured away by other, shinier projects, and they’ve languished long enough in my work basket that I don’t really count them as current WIPs. (Not that this makes any sense, but there you go.)

I actually really like the way the Gray Goose Cardigan is turning out. The yarn is Nashua Handknits Summer Garden, bought ages ago, and I’ve had a hard time finding the right pattern for it, but this fabric is a lovely weight and drape. It’s also a great summer project, but when I put it down I never thought it would be for long, and now I seriously have no idea where I am in the pattern. (Lesson: take notes!) Knitting something new has always seemed easier than figuring out where I am, so it’s fallen out of rotation.

Relax hovers on the edge of my knitting consciousness, nagging me to knit it. The back is done and the piece pictured is the front – then it will just be the not-very-big sleeves. It would also be a great summer project. I don’t really have any excuse for not working on this one, except that while I like the fabric it makes, I don’t find the yarn the easiest; it’s KnitPicks Lindy Chain, and while I love that it’s fingering weight in linen-cotton (great for a hot climate), it’s chainette construction, and I keep snagging it. It does have the loveliest drape, though.

Stratum is on hold mostly because I won’t be able to wear it for another 5-6 months, so there’s no rush to work on it.

Then we get to projects that (in my head) I am currently working on: I’ve been making good progress on Frost at Midnight, and am close to starting the sleeves. I’m not convinced it’s going to look very good on me, but I’ve been enjoying plowing through the body. And, of course, once the new yarn comes in, the Harvest Moon Blanket.

So, I have plenty of projects in the works right now, even if you don’t count the ones that aren’t right in front of me, and so (in my head) don’t exist.

And yet… I find myself swatching. For new projects. As if I need any.

More on that to come.

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