Finished object! Small = cute.

Earlier on here I talked all about how I only knit sweaters, and then I proceeded to show you a bunch of scarves. I have another sweater-heavy post drafted, but in the meantime, here is a sweater for you, if only a wee little sweater for a wee little person.

It’s a gift for some friends of the husband, who just had a baby boy. I’m not really good on baby sizes but I think this will fit the little one at some point along the line, even if not for very long. 

The pattern is garter yoke baby cardi by Jennifer Hoel, which is free and generally easy to understand. I’ll confess I had to look for an online tutorial for the i-cord bind off, but that’s probably me. The yarn is Cascade Ultra Pima Fine, in Chartreuse. The buttons (so adorable!) are from Yum Yum Buttons on etsy. 

The sweater began life as Joji Locatelli’s Garter Stitch Baby Kimono, because the husband adores the little baby kimonos, but that didn’t work out. My gauge was off (I thought that Cascade Pima Ulta Fine was fingering weight, but it’s sport), which messed with the proportions of the neckline increases, and the fabric wasn’t very good, so change in plans.

I can see a lot of problems with this (leaving aside the taken-at-night-poor-light pictures): the fabric has a bunch of uneven patches (I knit this in a lot of short sessions, and I think the picking up/putting down all the time shows), the i-cord bind off is a little too tight (so short), and the corners of the collar and hem aren’t very square. I think the buttons are secure, but the reverse of the button band isn’t the most attractive.

But the shape and size is pretty much right, the yarn is very soft, and I think the raglan increases against the garter yoke look rather tidy and handsome. And it benefits from the universal truth that even the most ordinary object looks many times cuter when you miniaturize it. I hope the new parents will like it.

Welcome to the world, little one.

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