hello, world!

Isn’t that how these posts are supposed to start? In any case, if you’ve found this page: welcome!

As it explains on my “about” page, I am a knitter who lives in the desert. I have blogged elsewhere, about other things, for quite a long time (I began blogging in…um…2004? eep), but found I was losing interest in the particular conundrums discussed in that virtual space. I have become less interested in defining myself through my work (employment), and more interested in developing a rich and sustaining life for those times when I’m not at work.

Right now, a huge part of my non-work life is knitting, and it seemed like a good idea to dedicate a space to the particular absorptions that go along with that. I’m also figuring out how to live happily in the desert. I grew up in the deep dark woods, so the desert is like another planet to me – beautiful but hostile, alluring but dangerous, a region of extremes and subtlety.

This little nook is very much under construction right now, so if there isn’t much to see yet, please be patient. I will be importing some older (pre-desert) posts from my other internet spaces, as well as moving forward with discussions of knitting projects, supplies, and culture. I may not have much time to update during the week (my day job involves quite a lot of writing and heavy thinking, so when I get home I tend to want to knit rather than pontificate about anything), but I hope to check in on the weekends.

Please come on by and hang out!


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